Spring/Summer Cleaning

I've been home for a total of 2, almost 3, weeks and unpacking is still driving me crazy. Back in my dorm it was so easy to be nice, neat, and organized with everything, but when combining all of my stuff from college with the things I already had at home....let's just say it was a big mess.

COLLEGE PEOPLE: Do NOT let this happen to you!

I have a couple of tips that can make Spring/Summer Cleaning easier

1. Give away old clothes. You know you don't need/wear them anymore, so you might as well give them away to charity. In my area, there's a business called Charity Clothing and they drive around in my neighborhood from time to time in case people have clothes to give away. Goodwill, of course is always a good choice. If you're looking to make a little change in the process, you can always sell your clothes to Plato's Closet or have a good old fashion garage sale.

2. Organize, organize, ORGANIZE! 

I cannot say this enough. It's important for the room to be clean and clutter free, and what better way to keep it that way than to organize. At the beginning of my freshman year in college, I had to buy the plastic, stackable organizer bins to keep my stuff organized, and I'm so thankful for them now that I moved back in my house for the summer. I'm now using them to hold my accessories from bags/purses and hair accessories to scarves. Also, for those books that you might need to hold on to for another semester, invest in a bookshelf so that you always know where they are.

Hope this helps!


P.S.: Are the cicadas driving any of you guys crazy?! So annoying =/