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Today was just a regular boring tuesday. I didn't really get a chance to do much...so all I'm gonna really talk about today is my outfit for today.

Outfit of the Day:
Gray Designed Shirt: Forever 21
Dark Jeans: Forever 21
Pink Infiniti Scarf: Charming Charlie
Black Jeweled Headband: Charming Charlie

On the plus side, I'm getting my nails done tomorrow with my sis and my brother's girlfriend and I'm also having a girls day with my bff =)
Fun Stuff!



Favorite Quotes from Songs

I was going through my songs in my iTunes and I noticed that I have quite a few favorite quotes that come from those songs. I'm sure I have more favorites than the ones listed below, but I can't think of anymore at the moment, or I haven't recently heard them. Stay tuned in case I add more.

1. "Your faith in me brings me to tears, even after all these years."
-Nelly Furtado "I'm Like a Bird"

2. "Living is easy with eyes closed."
-The Beatles "Strawberry Fields Forever"

3. "If you love me, won't you let me know?"
-Coldplay "Violet Hill"

4. "Love is kind when the world is cold, Love stays strong when the fight gets old, Love is a shoulder to lean on, Love is you."
-Chrisette Michele "Love is You"

5. "There has been no one brighter than you, I can't deny these things that I do, Feels like the world is at stake 'cause I have been waiting, I have been waiting for you."
-Seal "Waiting for You"

6. "Say what you want to satisfy yourself, But you only want what everybody else thinks you should want."
-MIKA "Grace Kelly"

7. "And, in the end, we lie awake and we dream of making our escape."
-Coldplay "Death and All His Friends"



Top Ten Things I Missed While I was at College

This is my list of all the things that I didn't realize that I missed while I was away at college until I came back home for winter break. Never take things for granted!

1. Watching t.v.
-Don't get me wrong, we did have a t.v. in my dorm room but, to tell you the truth, we hardly ever turned it on. Due to us being too busy doing homework or studying, we didn't want to get distracted (I know, we're nerds). Once I got home I realized how relaxing it was to just sit back, watch t.v. and not have to worry about doing work.

2. My Shower
-After living in a dorm with community style bathrooms for 4 months, I was more than ready to come home to my private bathroom and using my own shower again.

3. My Bed
-Once again, dorm style living is not the best, and that goes for the beds too. After being used to a twin style bed in the dorm room, coming home to my queen size bed was a bit weird, almost as if I had too much room now. But I did get used to it quickly =).

4. Playing music in my car
-When I first got to the campus back in August, I had been told that freshmen could not bring cars; that was false. Freshmen could bring their own cars if they wished to do so, but the parking was bad. Anyway, I truly appreciate my car more than ever now, realizing that I can come and go when I please, and not only that, but to play my iPod in my car...something I greatly missed.

5. Doing Laundry...FOR FREE!
-Paying for laundry seems cheap when it says $1.25 a load for washing and drying, but that eventually adds up to be a lot of money. Future college students, enjoy doing your laundry at home right now, and if you're going to a college that will be near your home, use those visits home to your advantage by doing some laundry.

6. Doing things for fun
-Throughout the four months of my first semester of college, I realized that I didn't really have much time for "having fun" or "goofing off" when there was so much studying and homework that needed to be done. Now that I'm home for winter break, I'm going to have as much fun as possible. Now's the time to enjoy it because there might not be time to next semester.

7. My Family and Friends
-College is all about meeting new people and making plenty of friends from different places, but you can never forget about those who know you best and will always be there.

8. Relaxing
-Ok, so this beach picture is definitely NOT an accurate depiction of where I live, but it represents what this winter break is all about: RELAXATION. With all of the tests and finals that I had to endure to complete the semester, relaxation was something that I was in dire need of.

9. My Closet
-The closets in my dorm were not bad at all, but, again, there's no place like home.

10. On Demand
-Ahh...On Demand. One of my favorite things to do when I was bored was to rent a movie off of On Demand, curl up under the covers, and enjoy the show. In college, the thing to do if you want to get a movie was to either borrow from your friends, or rent it at the nearest RedBox or Blockbuster kiosks, so...On Demand is much appreciated, and I will miss it dearly next semester.




Outfit of the Day:

T-shirt: Forever 21
Sweater: Forever 21
Gray Pants
Camel colored Boots: GoJane.com
Necklace: vintage
Headband: Charming Charlie


Finally, I bought a Christmas gift! I went to Forever 21 and got a gift for my best friend and I really hope she likes it.
Here are some pics...

Bracelet: $5.80
Earrings: $2.80
Scarf: $12.80



Sunday Blues

Hey there people,
Today was definitely one of those lazy sundays, especially in the morning, but I think that everyone deserves one of those every once in a while. Anyway, it was my dad's birthday today and we had a nice sunday morning brunch with the family. Later on, we all went out to eat at the Elephant Bar (not sure if you all have one in your area) which is a very good restaurant. And...yeah, today was very chill. But, tomorrow it's back to Christmas shopping (can't put it off forever) and I should probably get up early =/.

Outfit of the Day:
Charcoal Gray Sweater (Borrowed from mom)
Blue Turtleneck Top
Turquoise Headband (Charming Charlie)
Blue Jeans
Black Suede Boots
Silver Heart Necklace
<--(I look goofy in this pic lol)

(This is the detail on the cardigan)


Shopping Day

Today was suppose to be set aside for shopping (and it was!) but it was a total fail. First of all, I kinda started the whole shopping deal late and didn't get a chance to do it until around 4:00. Second of all, I'm a pretty indecisive person and I find it really hard to find the absolute perfect gift for someone so...I'm just gonna have to go shopping later in the week and at an earlier time. But anyways, I guess the highlight of my day was renting 2 movies from redbox (Our Family Wedding and Splice) and successfully watching only one of them because I got caught up in a good convo with my boyfriend.

Outfit of the Day:
Black Blazer: Forever 21
Cream Bow Shirt: Forever 21
Blue Jeans: Papaya
Chestnut Boots: GoJane.com
Black Purse: Forever 21

What I managed to buy today from Charming Charlie:
I got these two headbands because I really needed some elastic ones. If any of you have a Charming Charlie store near you I highly recommend going there to get something for yourself or for someone else. They have a lot of cool accessories and the prices aren't bad.

Shout Out: Happy Birthday Dad!



I (heart) Winter Break

Ok, so it's only the first day that I've been back home...Home Sweet Home. The first day was pretty relaxing (it always seems like I need to crack open a book and start studying) especially after this long week of finals. Anyways, I have a lot of fun stuff that I plan to do with friends and family so this should be the best four weeks ever =).

Outfit of the Day:
I went out to lunch/dinner (it started at 2:30 but while I was on the way home it started getting dark...I hate winter for the sun going down early) and we were suppose to look decent so this is the outfit I chose to wear for the day.

Red Sweater: My mom's =) (I always get stuff from her closet)
Black and White Striped Shirt : Forever 21
Black Pants
Black Military-Style Boots: Forever 21
Gold Accessories: Body Central (necklace) Charming Charlie (ring)
This has to be the most adorable ring, perfect for the holidays =)

Plan for tomorrow: CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!