I (heart) Winter Break

Ok, so it's only the first day that I've been back home...Home Sweet Home. The first day was pretty relaxing (it always seems like I need to crack open a book and start studying) especially after this long week of finals. Anyways, I have a lot of fun stuff that I plan to do with friends and family so this should be the best four weeks ever =).

Outfit of the Day:
I went out to lunch/dinner (it started at 2:30 but while I was on the way home it started getting dark...I hate winter for the sun going down early) and we were suppose to look decent so this is the outfit I chose to wear for the day.

Red Sweater: My mom's =) (I always get stuff from her closet)
Black and White Striped Shirt : Forever 21
Black Pants
Black Military-Style Boots: Forever 21
Gold Accessories: Body Central (necklace) Charming Charlie (ring)
This has to be the most adorable ring, perfect for the holidays =)

Plan for tomorrow: CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!


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