Shopping Day

Today was suppose to be set aside for shopping (and it was!) but it was a total fail. First of all, I kinda started the whole shopping deal late and didn't get a chance to do it until around 4:00. Second of all, I'm a pretty indecisive person and I find it really hard to find the absolute perfect gift for someone so...I'm just gonna have to go shopping later in the week and at an earlier time. But anyways, I guess the highlight of my day was renting 2 movies from redbox (Our Family Wedding and Splice) and successfully watching only one of them because I got caught up in a good convo with my boyfriend.

Outfit of the Day:
Black Blazer: Forever 21
Cream Bow Shirt: Forever 21
Blue Jeans: Papaya
Chestnut Boots: GoJane.com
Black Purse: Forever 21

What I managed to buy today from Charming Charlie:
I got these two headbands because I really needed some elastic ones. If any of you have a Charming Charlie store near you I highly recommend going there to get something for yourself or for someone else. They have a lot of cool accessories and the prices aren't bad.

Shout Out: Happy Birthday Dad!


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