Sunday Blues

Hey there people,
Today was definitely one of those lazy sundays, especially in the morning, but I think that everyone deserves one of those every once in a while. Anyway, it was my dad's birthday today and we had a nice sunday morning brunch with the family. Later on, we all went out to eat at the Elephant Bar (not sure if you all have one in your area) which is a very good restaurant. And...yeah, today was very chill. But, tomorrow it's back to Christmas shopping (can't put it off forever) and I should probably get up early =/.

Outfit of the Day:
Charcoal Gray Sweater (Borrowed from mom)
Blue Turtleneck Top
Turquoise Headband (Charming Charlie)
Blue Jeans
Black Suede Boots
Silver Heart Necklace
<--(I look goofy in this pic lol)

(This is the detail on the cardigan)


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