It's Friday!!
Meaning...It's time to Party!!....well maybe lol. It all depends on how much work I get done that decides whether or not I can go out this weekend =/. But regardless of all that, it's Friday and should be a good day.
Lately, where I've been, it has been pretty cold (and when I say cold, I mean below zero in the morning and only getting up to about 15℉). With the snow storm last week, it's perfectly understandable for it to be cold, but now it's starting to get warmer =). Mid 50 degree weather FTW!
It makes me more and more excited for spring to get here, and more importantly SPRING BREAK!

Outfit of the Day:
Beige Cardigan: Forever 21
Fuschia Tank Top
Metallic Necklace: Buckle
Floral Earrings: Forever 21