It's been a little while...

Ever since I've been back at college I haven't really had much time to blog, unfortunately =(. But with each new follower that I get, I gain the inspiration to post at least one thing that's new.
It's been getting really busy up here and I'm trying to get everything nice and organized with my schedule and making sure I do all my assignments and things like that.
Let's talk about today lol.
It's the final day of January, and where I'm at right now is where no one wants to be. Freezing temperatures, sleet, rain, and snow is on the way. Not good at all when you're trying to walk all around campus to get to your classes. I almost slipped on the way to class! One can only hope that they would cancel classes...but I highly doubt that.
On another note, I've been able to just barely survive the cold with this extremely cozy sweater that I chose to wear today. The sweater is actually pretty old and last week I decided to cut the turtle neck part off because I wasn't much of a fan of that. Now I love it!

Outfit of the day:
Cream colored sweater
Gray tank
Dark blue Jeans
Gold Heart Earrings
Gold Necklace: American Eagle
Gray Hat: Charming Charlie

As it says on my necklace...
Remember to Dream
Remember to Laugh
Remember to Love

*Shout out to Ashli! (if she reads this) Happy Birthday =)*



  1. I love ur necklace and ur earrings are super cute 2..
    Hope your classes get canceled!HAHA!! :P
    Have a nice day :D
    Peace & Love
    Steffie xox

  2. i love that jumper so cute xoxo